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Giving new meaning to the timeless classic 9:42am Thursday 2nd December 2004
Tom Hanks and Polar Express Director Robert Zemeckis speak to Rob Carnevale about how new performance capture' technology could unleash actors into timeless roles AS cutting-edge technology merges with Christmas spirit in The Polar Express, an animated extravaganza that could well mark a watershed in film technology.

An Incredible obsession 9:15am Monday 29th November 2004
EVER since bursting onto the animated scene with the brilliant Toy Story, Pixar has been setting the standard in family entertainment and breaking box office records the world over.

The sun hasn�t set on Brosnan�s career yet... 9:29am Thursday 18th November 2004
Pierce Brosnan has had it tough recently, working in the Bahamas filming After The Sunset, alongside two of the most beautiful women in the world. He took a well earned break and talked to Rob Carnevale about life post James Bond THE name's Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan and if the charismatic Irish star has his way, cinema-goers will be hearing plenty more of it, in spite of the fact he has left his biggest role behind.

It was well worth the weight, says Bridget Jones star Ren�e 11:21am Thursday 11th November 2004
IT'S been three years since Rene Zellweger first put on weight, donned those big knickers and captured the hearts of cinema-goers everywhere as everyone's favourite singleton, Bridget Jones.

Echoes of East End life 11:07am Thursday 11th November 2004
Sally Worboyes is a successful novelist with 13 published novels about life in the East End but does she deserve some credit for creating EastEnders and will she make up with the great Ray Davies from the Kinks? Simon Totten finds out Several years ago a young writer typed up a draft script of a televison serial play called The Hop Pickers and sent it to the BBC.

Jude Law didn�t make it bad 10:42am Friday 5th November 2004
IT MAY come as a surprise to his legion of female fans, but Jude Law claims he has never had any confidence with women, even though he is widely considered to be one of the best-looking leading men of his generation.

Santa but not as we know him 7:21pm Wednesday 3rd November 2004
DRUNKENNESS, foul language and incontinence are not usually things associated with Father Christmas, so anyone who sees Bad Santa is in for a rude awakening.

Izzard's Fairy wish comes true 5:12pm Monday 25th October 2004
Eddie Izzard may have keen the king of comedy since making his first appearance on the London stage in 1993, with his one-man show at The Ambassadors.

He�s no cockney but he�s still a rebel 2:20pm Tuesday 12th October 2004
STEVE Harley may not be a Cockney but it has to be said, there's still a bit of the rebel in him.

'Dancing' highlights exceptional people 12:46pm Tuesday 12th October 2004
TO empower someone, you have to allow them to be flawed, observed Romola Garai, one of the co-stars of Inside I'm Dancing, the new film from East is East director, Damien O'Donnell. "You have to allow people to be human to accept them," she adds.

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