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Blow away your Christmas cobwebsBlow away your Christmas cobwebs
8:58am Thu 22 Dec 05
Walk 100 - Earl's Path Pond - Epping Forest 3 or 5 miles.

Walk 99 - Stanstead Abbots - 4.5 milesWalk 99 - Stanstead Abbots - 4.5 miles
8:22am Thu 8 Dec 05
Len Banister enjoys the country life and nature. The Valley of the River Ash has long been a favourite with Guardian Walks readers.

Walk for all seasons is a stroll in the parkWalk for all seasons is a stroll in the park
8:30am Thu 24 Nov 05
Walk 98 - Regent's Park and Primrose Hill - 3.7 miles.

You’ve never Hadham so goodYou’ve never Hadham so good
8:56am Thu 10 Nov 05
Walk 97 Little Hadham - 3.6miles.

Warming up for winter in styleWarming up for winter in style
8:32am Thu 27 Oct 05
Walk 96 - Rickling Green - 6.5 miles Len Banister explores the diversity of Essex.

Enjoy architecture and glorious greeneryEnjoy architecture and glorious greenery
2:20pm Wed 12 Oct 05
THIS is a walk along Epping High Street, a visit to an outpost of Epping Forest and a return along a tranquil section of the Essex Way. Choose a Sunday for this walk if you can.

Len Banister visits a Roman religious siteLen Banister visits a Roman religious site
10:06am Thu 29 Sep 05
Len Banister visits a Roman religious site This walk ends with a visit to what is probably the most important site of religious worship in Essex.

What the Dickens is going on here?What the Dickens is going on here?
11:02am Wed 17 Aug 05
Len Banister explores history, schools and churches Chigwell ancient and (nearly) modern is the theme of this week's stroll. I guarantee that you will be surprised at the way that you are quite suddenly immersed in the quiet of the countryside within a few minutes of this short walk.

Picnic time at an Elizabethan gatehousePicnic time at an Elizabethan gatehouse
10:55am Fri 12 Aug 05
Len Banister goes in search of some secenic history Visit a 15th century gatehouse and walk along two contrasting rivers.

A park with Hampstead’s atmosphereA park with Hampstead’s atmosphere
10:00am Fri 22 Jul 05
Gardeners will love Len Banister's walk around this park The last walk I featured crossed Hampstead Heath briefly, visited Golders Hill Park and in particular the Pergola. The Pergola, a covered walkway with overhanging trellises and an ancient wisteria, forms part of a formal Italian garden. This garden was once part of Inverforth House and borders Golders Hill Park.

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