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Newsquest, East London and West Essex Competition Rules

  1. No employee of Newsquest, East London and West Essex, or its associated companies or any company associated with a particular competition, promotion or game, or any member of their family may enter.

  2. Unless otherwise specified, all entries must be made using the entry form(s) printed in the newspaper. No photocopies will be accepted.

  3. Prizes are as stated. No alternative prizes cash or otherwise will be available.

  4. Entries must be received by the published closing date to be admissible.

  5. It is a condition of entry that publicity may be given to any competition winners and/or entrants and that their names and/or photographs may be published in Newsquest, East London and West Essex newspapers.

  6. In circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Newsquest, East London and West Essex, the editor reserves the right, with absolute discretion, to disqualify any entry, add to or amend any rules, or to cancel the whole or part of any competition, game or promotion at any stage without prior notification. The decision of the editor on all matters relating to competitions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  7. In the event of more than one correct entry being received the editor's decision on the tie-breaker question(s) or other criteria as deemed appropriate will decide the winner(s) of any competition, game or promotion.

  8. The winning entry will be the first correct entry drawn at random after the published closing date of the competition. Subsequent entries will then be drawn at random until there are enough entry winners to account for each prize.

  9. Where Newsquest, East London and West Essex offers prizes on behalf of another company, that company will be responsible for providing the prizes in full. Newsquest, East London and West Essex cannot be held responsible for any failure to provide prizes as specified and all enquiries in reference to such prizes will be referred to the associated companies.

  10. In the event of a discrepancy between these rules and those published alongside a particular competition, promotion or game, the editor's decision will be final.

  11. A list of winners will be provided on receipt of a written request and a stamped, addressed envelope.

  12. Any closing date for entries and/or rules of play which is published as part of any competition, promotion or game forms part of the rules for entry of that competition, promotion or game.

  13. Proof of posting does not provide proof of receipt.

  14. No purchase/payment is required unless stated.

  15. Unless otherwise stated in competition-specific rules, competitions are open to entrants of all ages with the proviso entrants under the age of 16 have the permission of their parent or guardian.

  16. All entries received including any photographs, if applicable will be deemed to be the property of Newsquest, East London and West Essex, and cannot, as such, be returned.

  17. Copies of competition entry forms are available (if applicable) from Newsquest, East London and West Essex.

  18. If a competition appears (solely or in part) on the website(s) of Newsquest, East London and West Essex, the rules of entry outlined above are deemed to apply.

  19. In some instances, entry to a competition, promotion or game may be made exclusively via the website(s) of Newsquest, East London and West Essex.

  20. Competition entries will be assessed for market analysis by Newsquest, East London and West Essex, and then destroyed. Competition entries will not be passed on to a third party for any reason whatsoever.

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Privacy Policy © Copyright 2001-2004 Newsquest Media Group - A Gannett Company

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