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Match Point (12A)Match Point (12A)
11:50am Wed 21 Dec 05
HAVING not seen many Woody Allen films before, I was looking forward to seeing what he served up in Match Point, the director's first film made entirely outside New York.

King Kong (12A)King Kong (12A)
4:13pm Thu 15 Dec 05
IT'S difficult to go one bigger and better after the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but Peter Jackson has managed it with his spectacular remake of King Kong.

Doom (15)Doom (15)
3:35pm Wed 14 Dec 05
Big screen adaptations of video games usually mean only one thing - dreadful movies.

Lassie (PG)Lassie (PG)
12:15pm Tue 13 Dec 05
WhAT'S that Lassie? There's a boy trapped in the well? Yes, yes we all know the American version of Lassie the rescue dog. But what about the real Lassie the good old British rough collie from Eric Knight's classic novel Lassie Come Home?

The Chronicles of Narnia (PG)The Chronicles of Narnia (PG)
1:42pm Tue 6 Dec 05
Just how much Disney has looked to Warner Brothers' The Lord of the Rings trilogy in the production of its rival fantasy franchise based on CS Lewis' Narnia tales is readily apparent.

Keeping Mum (15)Keeping Mum (15)
12:56pm Tue 6 Dec 05
PERFECT manners, exquisite rudeness, sordid affairs and murder most foul and home in time for tea. This could only be a British comedy. For British, read English though filmed mainly on the Isle of Man, Keeping Mum is definitely in Home Counties territory, all hedgerows and Volvos.

Keeping Mum (15)Keeping Mum (15)
5:57pm Thu 1 Dec 05
These days it seems the British film industry can rarely be accused of pushing back the boundaries. Keeping Mum has Rowan Atkinson as a bumbling vicar. Talk about playing it safe.

Mrs Henderson Presents (12A)Mrs Henderson Presents (12A)
2:16pm Thu 24 Nov 05
Stephen Frears' new film couldn't be more British if it tried.

Separate Lies (15)Separate Lies (15)
3:45pm Tue 22 Nov 05
When it comes to examining the stiff upper lips of upwardly mobile British society, actor and writer Julian Fellowes is clearly the man to call.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (12A)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (12A)
12:20pm Thu 17 Nov 05
HARRY Potter and the Goblet of Fire finds the titular schoolboy wizard getting rangier of limb and shaggier of hair. The story's plot has undergone a similar growth spurt the longest book in the franchise making the film more than two-and-a-half hours long.

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