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Nationwide Extremes

Nationwide extremes for 27-12-2005

Weather station Altitude Daytime Temperature
Valentia 30 metres 8.3C
Roches Point 41 metres 6.8C
Barra 3 metres 5.9C
Stornoway 15 metres 5.9C
South Uist Range 4 metres 5.8C
Scilly, St.Marys 30 metres 5.6C
Tiree 12 metres 5.6C
Fair Isle 57 metres 5.5C
Isle of Man/Ronaldsway 16 metres 5.4C
Jersey 84 metres 5.4C

Weather station Altitude Overnight Temperature
Tulloch Bridge 236 metres -4.0C
Benson 57 metres -3.6C
Kinloss 5 metres -3.3C
Tain Range 4 metres -3.2C
Aviemore 228 metres -3.1C
Crosby 9 metres -3.0C
Yeovilton 20 metres -2.9C
Linton-On-Ouse 14 metres -2.8C
Altnaharra 80 metres -2.7C
Shap 255 metres -2.7C

Weather station Altitude Total Daily Rainfall
Guernsey 101 metres 14.0mm
Manston 50 metres 10.0mm
Wainfleet 5 metres 4.6mm
Coningsby 6 metres 4.4mm
Holbeach 2 metres 4.4mm
Cranwell 62 metres 4.0mm
Weybourne 20 metres 4.0mm
Marham 21 metres 3.8mm
Wattisham 89 metres 3.8mm
Coltishall 17 metres 3.6mm

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