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St Albans

With low unemployment and a high number of London-bound commuters, filling vacancies in St Albans can be difficult. Job gives a creative, easily accessible, non-labour intensive and, above all, cost-effective way to showcase the oppurtunities that exist in the city and surrounding villages.

St Albans City Council and Oaklands College work in partnership with the St Albans Observer to produce an exhibition that gives visitors an insight into the potential of developing a career in and around St Albans. The exhibition has quickly become a must for jobseekers and now boasts a large range of exhibitors of varying size, from local independent businesses to multi-nationals, from both the private and public sectors.

Job has proved a great success as a vehicle for bringing together firms and their new employees.

St Albans Observer
Harpenden Observer
St Albans Review
Combined Readership - 72,666

Package Includes:
1/2-or 1/4-page advertisement
6ft or 12ft stand
Backdrop, if required
6ft table and two chairs
Car parking space
Lunch for 2 people
Free tea & coffee throughout
Screen showing your messages
Your info in visitors' goody bags

Alban Arena, St Albans

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Booking Deadline
Wednesday, April 19, 2006

01727 736095

Venue for the St Albans Observer-hosted event, the Alban Arena is in the centre of the city and is the focus for many community activities.
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