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Careers & Training Fairs 05/06
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Careers & Training Fairs 05/06
Careers & Training Fairs 05/06
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People are the important resource for any business, but recruiting the right people can be a time-consuming and costly exercise.

Job is here to help.

A series of careers and training exhibitions, Job is hosted by five market-leading newspapers across north London.

That means you can target specific areas or recruit right across north London with one package.

By bringing together five established exhibitions - each already successful in its own right - exhibitors can be assured of the highest levels of professionalism from the organisers.
Some of the advantages of recruiting at job fairs:

Promotion: Pre-exhibition publicity in our newspapers will reach 1.4 million readers.

Proactive: Visitors are actively looking for a new job, change of career, or to retrain.

Face-to-face: Meeting potential candidates makes it easier to judge their disposition. This is especially important when individuals are going to be working as part of a team.

PR: Job offers a chance to promote your company in the heart of the community.

Cost effective: Target specific geographic areas or spread your net right across north London.

Save time: What does the job demand in the way of general health, physical strength, stamina, appearance? A lot of time can be saved by carrying out a brief preliminary interview.

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